KevinDDR Battle Garegga Letter Score

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Well, I finally did it! I’ve wanted to get a letter score in Garegga for a long time, and I’m glad that I managed to pull it off in the end. This run was pretty exciting; it had quite a few ups and downs as well as some hilarious close calls. I pulled off a great flamingo score, but butchered my medal chain before stage 3. Despite that, I still managed to keep on pace for 10M throughout the game. When I passed the stage 6 turret wall and miraculously picked up the search options after dying, I knew I would make 10M if I could just survive to 9M and get the extend. I managed to hoard enough bombs for Black Heart 2, and a few BOMBAHs later, the letter score was mine! Shout outs to PDP80 for letting me borrow his Garegga board for a while and setting up the stream. Also, I’d like to thank the people watching the Garegga stream for giving me last-minute tips!


KevinDDR plays Radiant Silvergun

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KevinDDR came over and did some Radiant Silvergun runs and this was the best one. He came up just short of the 1cc, which he has pulled off but we wanted to get it on film. He’ll be back!

Cardinal Sins tournament

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I’ve been working on a streaming setup lately for streaming shmups and other arcade stuff. People came over to watch the 100 Yen: The Japanese Arcade Experience documentary and we gave the setup a spin and this is what happened. Super fun, none of us had really played Cardinal Sins except for KevinDDR so he gave us the rundown and we had a little mini-tournament.

Final scores:

  1. KevinDDR - KCB - 58,779,110
  2. Marus - MPO - 54,426,830
  3. EPS21 - EPS - 46,286,420
  4. Tadaru - ATT - 44,076,590
  5. pdp80 - PDP - 41,325,530